Ripple Effect Reparenting

Do you sometimes wonder what affect your childhood has on your today? Maybe you feel like you keep getting stuck in the same issues with others and no matter what you do you can’t figure out why? Are you battling to break unhealthy patterns?

Then the Reparenting course might be just for you!

This course includes 3 topics

  1. Reconnecting with your Inner Child

Remembering who you were before the world told you who to be!

  1. Exploring and discovering your pain points

Everyone holds hurtful experiences and memories of pain that may be affecting you today without you knowing it. We uncover these memories and find ways to resolve them.

  1. Finding healing!

Here you discover ways to give yourself what you needed as a child, and still need today. You will explore ways to create healthy boundaries, learn to speak your truth, understand and process your emotions in an empowering and healthy way.

What does it entail?

Do you struggle to say what you think for fear of what others will say or assume?

You try and set up healthy boundaries but still find yourself saying and doing things to please others?

Do you engage in negative self-talk or struggle to deal with emotional triggers?

Often these are signs that you may be holding onto limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you in life.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. ” Carl Jung